Mariner Biomedical Announced the Newest Addition to the Deter Outdoor Skin Protection Family, Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen

October 3, 2013

Mariner Biomedical, Inc. announced the addition of Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen to the Deter Outdoor Skin Protection product line. Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen was officially launched October 1, 2013. It is a natural zinc oxide based sunscreen offering broad spectrum protection in a comfortable to wear invisible formulation.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen is a zinc oxide based formulation that goes on clear and provides highly effective UVA/UVB protection. Deter Sunscreen is non-greasy with a light comfortable skin feel. Deter Mineral Sunscreen is formulated to comfortably use throughout the day while participating in outdoor activities. It is the perfect sun protection solution for golf, skiing, hiking, fishing, boating and all outdoor activities.

Sun exposure can damage skin causing premature aging along with a number of potentially serious conditions including skin cancer. The most import consideration while outdoors is to protect skin from sun exposure. This can be accomplished by wearing appropriate clothing, avoiding the time of day when sun light is most intense and always applying an effective sunscreen to all exposed skin. There are many sunscreen choices and it is important to select one that provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB, has an SPF rating of 15 or higher and is environmentally safe. Some sun screen actives tend to accumulate in the environment, and growing evidence suggests they may be harmful to aquatic life. Zinc Oxide is one of the most effective broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreens providing a physical barrier on the skin which helps block UV light. Zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral and is among the safest sunscreens for the environment, an important consideration for anyone participating in outdoor activities. Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen is based on zinc oxide formulated in a pleasant to use lotion that feels light and non-greasy on the skin while remaining invisible following application. It provides effective protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

“Sun exposure is the primary threat to our skin while outdoors and it is essential that an effective broad spectrum sunscreen be used at all times”, explains Brad Zaro, President & CEO at Mariner Biomedical, the company that developed Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen. “We set out to develop a product that was based on zinc oxide the number one sunscreen recommended by Dermatologists and one that provides a very effective physical barrier blocking both UVA and UVB radiation. Our secondary goal was to develop a product that has a pleasant skin feel and does not leave a white residue, two of the primary reasons people avoid zinc oxide based products. We believe that we succeeded with both goals and are proud to introduce Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen to outdoor enthusiasts.”

About Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen

Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen is a highly effective broad spectrum zinc oxide based sunscreen formulated in a light non-greasy lotion base. It is comfortable to use during all outdoor activities, will not leave a white residue on the skin and is environmentally safe. Deter SPF 28 Mineral Sunscreen is safe, effective and environmentally friendly, providing consumers with a product that truly works, and one that they can feel good about using on themselves and their family. It is the newest product to join the Deter Outdoor Skin Protection line which includes natural insect repellents, insect repellent plus sunscreen, insect bite therapy and therapeutic lip balm.


About Mariner Biomedical

Mariner Biomedical, Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing topical skin care therapies based on scientifically validated natural products that are safe, effective and environmentally friendly. Mariner Biomedical, Inc. has a management and research team with over 50 years of combined pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research experience.

Contact information

Brad A. Zaro

Mariner Biomedical, Inc.


Phone: 408-281-1275

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