General Energy Solutions Project Partner on IND Solar Farm

October 14, 2013

Project owner and panel provider GES has solar projects in development all over the United States, including commercial roof-mounted systems in the Midwest, solar farms in California, and many others.

Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) October 14, 2013

The IND Solar Farm at the Indianapolis International Airport has introduced unique opportunities to multiple businesses. General Energy Solutions (GES), along with several organizations, such as Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA), the City of Indianapolis, Telamon Corporation, Johnson Melloh Solutions, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) and construction partner Cenergy Power have joined forces to bring the IND Solar Farm to fruition.

Project owner and panel provider GES has solar projects in development all over the United States, including commercial roof-mounted systems in the Midwest, solar farms in California, and many others. GES is also developing projects in Taiwan, Japan, Brazil and Puerto Rico. GES and its major investors, including Neo Solar Power, the world’s second largest solar cell manufacturer, own and invest responsibly to deliver integrated solar energy solutions from wafers, solar cells, photovoltaic modules, and solar farm design, to construction and operation.

“This is GES’ first and largest utility-scale solar farm in the US, so it was an excellent challenge,” said David Su, CEO of General Energy Solutions. “GES is proud to have brought engineering partners as well as quality products to the table. The IND Solar Farm is the perfect example of the future of solar energy and GES is proud to be on the frontlines of the solar movement.”

GES recognizes that the IND Solar Farm is a great opportunity to take part in a partnership that not only brings clean energy to the city of Indianapolis, but also pioneers a paradigm shift to solar energy around the country. GES was also drawn to the project because of the outstanding partners involved.

“We are pleased to work with such great partners to make this project a reality and we look forward to building more projects in Indiana and the Midwest soon,” said Jack Chen, GES US Managing Director.

GES panels have been awarded quality certifications in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia and numerous other countries. GES clients, both business and residential, recognize GES as a company that delivers quality and reliability at a cost-effective price.

For information on the solar farm, visit IND Solar Farm’s Facebook page INDSolarFarm or @INDSolarFarm.



General Energy Solutions USA, a global solar energy company headquartered in Taiwan, is proud to help our clients secure a brighter and cleaner future by harnessing solar power to efficiently, safely and responsibly meet our energy needs, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing reliance on traditional fuels. Through close alliances with strategic partners, such as Neo Solar Power (http://www.nsp.com), GES’s major shareholder and second largest solar cell manufacturer in the world, GES invests responsibly in our communities at every step of the process to complete integrated solar energy solutions: wafers; solar cells; photovoltaic modules; and solar farm design, construction and operation. For more information, please visit http://www.gesyw.com.


The IND Solar Farm is the largest airport solar farm in North America. The solar farm project is a significant public-private partnership that includes the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA), the City of Indianapolis, and privately held businesses General Energy Solutions Inc. (GES), Telamon Corporation, Johnson Melloh Solutions and the Indianapolis Power & Light Company. Upon its completion, this $35-$40 million dollar alternative energy project will cover 75 acres of land, comprise of 44,128 solar panels, and will have the capacity to produce enough renewable energy to prevent approximately 10,700 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the environment each year. The solar farm will commission on October 18, 2013 in a private ceremony. For more information on IND Solar Farm, visit the farm’s website at indsolarfarm.com.

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