Hangover Heaven Partners With Community Leaders To Create IV Therapy Checklist

October 24, 2013

Dr. Jason Burke's Hangover Heaven partners with community leaders to create IV therapy checklist to empower tourists to make informed and safe decisions about healthcare needs.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

Having cured more than 10,000 hangovers, Dr. Jason Burke and his medical team at Hangover Heaven partner with community leaders to create an IV therapy checklist. The goal of the checklist is to empower tourists to make informed and safe decisions about their healthcare needs when vacationing in Las Vegas.

In April 2012, veteran anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Burke launched Hangover Heaven, the only medical practice in the world dedicated to the prevention and treatment of veisalgia, or hangovers. Hangover Heaven is comprised of a traditional medical clinic, a 24 hour room service system and the Hangover Heaven bus, a 45 ft., fully-equipped mobile treatment facility. Having created a new industry in the field of medical delivery, Dr. Burke and Hangover Heaven garnered international media attention, including features in AskMen.com, Health Magazine, the Drudge Report and Cosmopolitan Magazine. By its one year anniversary, Hangover Heaven had cured more than 10,000 hangovers.

Being the innovator behind this new system of medical delivery, Dr. Burke was approached by community leaders to create a checklist that will inform tourists and keep them safe when considering IV therapy.

"IV therapy has many health benefits when administered under the guidance of an experienced and licensed physician. Since opening Hangover Heaven, I've heard tales of IV therapy being administered by hairstylists, escort services, and other unlicensed and untrained individuals. IV therapy is a medical service, and it should be respected and treated as such," stated Dr. Burke.

A few of the items on the IV therapy checklist include insurance verification, medical board history, and standard of care.

Reputable medical practices should carry extensive medical insurance policies to protect both the medical team and the patient. Any licensed medical facility administering IV therapy services should have insurance in place that can be viewed and verified by patients receiving care.

According to Dr. Burke, "Any ethical medical office will have insurance in place that can be easily verified by patients receiving care. If the person or group administering services to you isn't covered by insurance or won't show you proof of coverage, that should serve as a major red flag."

Another checklist item is verification of a physician's license and history by contacting the state medical board.

"In addition to making sure a physician is licensed, contact the state medical board to get a sense of a physician's history and experience. Prior to launching Hangover Heaven, I spent six years as chief of anesthesia for the VA. Prior to that, I spent as many years in the ER and OR as an anesthesiologist. As a result, I administered thousands of IVs prior to starting Hangover Heaven. I know great physicians who'll admit they don't have a clue about IV therapy, which is fine. We pursued specialties in medical school for a reason. Contact the state board to get the confidence and confirmation you need to move forward with an IV therapy provider," urged Dr. Burke.

Finally, patients of IV therapy should inquire about a physician's standard of care. "I've heard people in the medical profession speculate that my IV based hangover cure is just a banana bag of fluid, which couldn't be further from the truth. That false assumption also highlights the standard of care, or lack thereof, I have witnessed in this segment of medical delivery. Every member of my team follows protocol when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of veisalgia. Some severe hangover cases we treat involve petechia, persistent emesis, and other symptoms that require a well defined standard of care. We have that in place at Hangover Heaven," stated Dr. Burke.

For additional information on the IV therapy checklist, Dr. Burke or Hangover Heaven, please contact Vera at 702.449.4467.

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