5 Tips For A Better Thanksgiving: A New Video By The American Chemical Society

November 21, 2013

Whether you’re brining your bird this Thanksgiving or experimenting with “wheat meat,” the American Chemical Society’s (ACS’) latest Bytesize Science episode offers five tips on how to make this year’s holiday even better through chemistry. The video is available now on http://www.BytesizeScience.com.

Some traditions won’t ever change, but because your Thanksgiving feast is packed chemistry, you have plenty of room to experiment for a tastier, potentially more healthful meal. Tune in to the video to see the secret of brining explained, or the best way to make seitan — a.k.a. mock duck, gluten meat or wheat meat — or to find out whether cranberries are as packed with antioxidants after they’re cooked for sauce.

The video also includes a chemistry primer on the unpleasant aftermath of at least one annual ritual that most likely won’t change — overeating — and the best way to tackle it.

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Source: American Chemical Society

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