Reef Results’ Calcium Carbonator Shows Great Success in Propagation of Coral in Aquariums

December 29, 2013

Calcium Carbonator developed by Reef Results Marine is a compound of calcium and carbonate that corals use to form their skeletal structure.

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 29, 2013

Reef Results Marine specializes in water quality and care for the modern saltwater reef aquarium and with their privately developed product Calcium Carbonator they have taken complicated water chemistry and additives to the next level, simplifying reef keeping husbandry.

Coral reefs are sea water structures made from calcium carbonate secreted by corals and are one of the most diverse ecosystems. They are also one of the most fragile ecosystems and are under threat from climate change, ongoing decrease in the pH in ocean waters, fishing, water pollution and coral fishing for aquariums. The number of reefs has been cut in half over the last 30 years and scientists are working on coral reef propagation to help save reefs. Calcium Carbonator is an environmental friendly and natural solution that is doing just that in aquariums. Aquarists will be able to grow their own coral instead of harvesting from reefs in the oceans. The product may eventually help the natural growth of coral in our oceans and may help scientists restock and replenish corals in their natural environment.

Calcium Carbonator was developed by Larry Lau, owner of Reef Results Marine. Larry has worked with saltwater aquariums and corals for several years and saw there was a need for a product that will naturally stimulate reef propagation in aquariums and help them to grow faster and healthier. Calcium Carbonator does this by using three naturally mined minerals that contain calcium carbonate and high concentrations of the proper trace elements for coral growth. The final step is adding magnesium as a calcium stabilizer.

Traditionally, aquarists use a two part system to add calcium and carbonate to their coral reef aquarium. The downside to this system is it requires constant testing of the water or they use calcium reactors which are costly and require constant maintenance. Also, neither of these produces healthy coral propagation. The all natural, one step Calcium Carbonator is cost effective and low maintenance.

“We’re very pleased with the success of this product,” stated Larry Lau. “One because it is environmentally safe and two the wonderful results we have seen in the coral growth,” he added.

Since Reef Results starting marketing and selling Calcium Carbonator, they have thousands of customers with successful results and distribution is growing at a rapid pace. The sales growth and demand has also required that Reef Results open an additional store in Davie, Florida to compliment their Pompano, Florida location.

“Larry has taken the complicated water chemistry and additives to the next level and I now have over 60 different types of corals and array of 50 fish and well over 100 diverse types of invertebrates,” stated Jerome Berry, a client of Reef Results Marine.

For more information about Calcium Carbonator or our other products, visit http://reefresults.com/contact-us.

About Reef Results Marine

Creators of the All-Natural, One-Step Calcium Carbonator. Home of Reef Results Marine, the Ultimate, Purification, Filtration, Supplements, and Enrichments company. Here at Reef Results Marine we specialize in water quality and care for the modern saltwater reef aquarium. We've taken complicated water chemistry and additives to the next level. All our products focus on innovation, quality, and simplicity for today's hobbyist.

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