Big Story Weather – January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Weather Forecast for January 6, 2014

11AM: High pressure from the North Pole is now pushing across the Northern Plains and heading at a rapid pace to the south. This is going to bring one of the coldest days on record for the country from the Rockies to the East Coast. Brace for very cold temps and dangerous wind chills. This cold air will also be very supportive of heavy lake effect snows along the lakes. Return flow will keep the Western US mild compared to the rest of the US.

11PM: The lake effect snows will be impacting the Great Lakes with another round of heavy snow. High pressure will settle in over Texas and a second shot over the Central Plains will bring some very cold air all the way to Central Florida tonight. The best way to describe tonight’s weather east of the Rockies is COLD and more COLD. A weak clipper system will be moving through Northern Plains that will bring with it light snowfall to the region along with cold temps and very dangerous conditions.

Significant Weather Threat for January 6: Blizzard warnings are in effect for portions of the Great Lakes and most of Indiana. There will be the freezing rain in Maine and the Northeast. Temps will range from the 60’s in Florida to the -40F over the Northern Plains and the Northeast. Record-breaking cold is in store for many places overnight tonight. Wind chill advisories and warnings are in effect from the Canadian border all the way into Central Florida and everywhere in between. Some wind chill value readings tonight will range from the 20’s in Central Florida to the single digits along the Gulf Coast and well below zero from the Rockies to the Canadian Border and all of the Eastern US.

Storm Outlook: A new storm is now entering into the Gulf of Alaska and will bring more snow to Southern Alaska along with cool weather.

Extended Outlook:

Day 2-6: The period will start with another day of the Arctic blast from the Canadian border all the way to Central Florida. Wind chill values will range from the 20’s in Florida to the -60 and -70’s across the Northern Plains. This dangerous cold weather is expected to shatter more records. By day three a slow modification will start to take place as the high pushes into the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast. A gradual warm-up will start to hit the United States along with partly cloudy skies for many regions. Lake effect snows will still be found over the Great Lakes. On day four the high pressure will push into the Atlantic Ocean allowing for return flow to setup over the Eastern part of the US all the way back into the Plains. Another low will start to develop over Texas bringing showers to the region. By day five low pressure will move into Eastern Texas and will allow for a warm front to push along the Gulf Coast bringing rain and some thunderstorms to the region along with warmer weather. High pressure will dominate the Western US, while a new storm system approaches the Pacific Northwest. The period will finish with a powerful storm system pushing into the Ohio River Valley bringing rain to the region, snow for the Great Lakes and even some severe weather to the Gulf Coast. The new storm will push further into the Pacific Northwest bringing showers and snow to the region.

Day 7-11: The period will start with low pressure moving out of the Gulf and into the Southeast US. Expect to see showers and thunderstorms in this region extending back into the Gulf Coast. A new low pressure system will push into Southern Texas bringing showers to the region. High pressure will dominate most of the West, however a new storm system will push into the Pacific Northwest. Day eight will see a storm system moving up the Eastern US bringing rain and snow to the region. The rest of the United States will be dominated with high pressure and cool weather. By day nine a clipper system will push out of Alberta Canada and into the Plains bringing some light snowfall to the region. Day ten will have the clipper system moving through the Great Lakes and the Plains bringing cold weather and more snow. The period will finish with high pressure dominating a good portion of the US.

Day 12-16: The period will start with high pressure dominating a good portion of the US, however another clipper system will start to move into the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains with snow and more cold. Day 14 will see high pressure dominating almost all of the United States with partly cloudy skies. There will be a clipper system moving through the Great Lakes with some snow expected for the region. This will extend into the Northeast as well. The period will finish with a storm system over the Northeast bringing snow to the area along with another shot of cold air, while high pressure dominates the rest of the US with more cool to cold weather.

Source: redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather  January 6 2014

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