Big Story Weather – January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Weather Forecast for January 9, 2014

11AM: High pressure will slide into the Northeast today taking the cold air out of the US. This will allow for return flow over the rest of the country setting the stage for the warm-up. Low pressure over Western Oklahoma will be the focus of showers, ice, sleet and some snow as a pocket of moisture sets up over Eastern Oklahoma through Arkansas and parts of Western Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Alabama. Strong winds will bring another breezy and cool day to the Western Lakes. A warm front associated with the next storm system will bring showers and higher elevation snows to the Pacific Northwest.

11PM: High pressure will be off the Atlantic Coast and will bring partly cloudy skies to the Eastern US. A few rain showers will be possible across Southern Florida. Low pressure over the Southern Plains will bring showers to Eastern Texas along with a light mix of rain/snow/ice for portions of Eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, Northern Mississippi and Northern Alabama. Partly cloudy skies are in store for the Northern Plains extending through the Rockies and into the Southwest. The warm front along the Pacific Northwest will bring another evening of showers and higher elevation snows to the region.

Significant Weather Threat for January 9: There are winter storm watches and warnings in effect for a large portion of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies for moderate snowfall over the next 24-36 hours. A winter weather advisory is in effect for portions of Eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, parts of Western Tennessee along with Northern Mississippi and Alabama. Look for a wintry mix in these regions. A wind chill advisory is also in effect for Eastern Minnesota.

Storm Outlook: Storm 1 is now pushing through the Eastern Gulf of Alaska. This will create showers and snow showers for both the Pacific Northwest and also Western Canada. Look for strong northwest winds over parts of Southern Alaska. Storm 2 is pushing into the Bering Sea and will bring showers to the islands along with some snow and very strong winds and high seas. Storm 3 is now leaving Japan and will make its way to the northeast over the next 24-36 hours.

Extended Outlook:

Day 2-6: The period will start with a line of rain/snow mix over Arkansas, Northern Mississippi and Western Tennessee. A second low pressure will push into the Northern Rockies bringing snowfall to the region – some of which may be heavy. On day three the strong storm system will push into the Great Lakes and will set the stage for snow showers over the Great Lakes, rain and snow from Ohio to the Northeast and showers from Southern Ohio to the Gulf Coast. There will also be a pocket of strong thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast. High pressure will be over the Plains, while the next storm system enters the Pacific Northwest. On day four the storm system will exit the Northeast ending the rain and snow over the region. A clipper system will move into the Great Lakes bringing more wind and snow to the region along with cooler weather over the Northern Plains. High pressure over the Southwest US will allow for return flow over the Pacific Northwest setting the stage for another storm system to bring rain and higher elevation snows to the region. By day six the majority of the United States will see tranquil weather with only a few snow showers expected over the Great Lakes and a few showers over the Pacific Northwest.

Day 7-11: The period will start with high pressure over both coasts, while a clipper system pushes through the Northern Plains bringing a few snow showers and gusty northwest winds to the region. On day eight the strong storm will push into the Great Lakes bringing snow to the lakes and also the Northeast. Showers will extend from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southeast and a trailing cold front will bring a few showers to the Gulf Coast. High pressure will build in over the Plains during this time. On day nine another clipper system will bring snow to the Great Lakes and the Northern Plains, while high pressure dominates the weather from the Southeast US to the Southern Plains and across most of the Western US. Day ten will have a strong storm system over the Northeast bringing heavy snow and strong winds to the region. High pressure will dominate the weather over the Great Lakes and the Southeast back into the Plains and the Southwest, while a new storm system enters the Pacific Northwest. The period will finish with a new storm system for the Western US.

Day 12-16: A frontal boundary along the Western US will bring rain to the coast and higher elevation snows from Washington to SOCAL. The storm system over the Pacific will push into the Northwest bringing another day of gusty winds, heavy rain and heavy mountain snows. Another storm system will start to take shape over the Southern Plains bringing showers to the region. By day 14 there will be a storm system extending from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast. This will bring rain and snow to the lakes, while showers will extend from Ohio to the Gulf Coast along with a few thunderstorms over the Gulf Coast. A new storm system will be pushing into the Southwest US and will bring showers and higher elevation snows to the region. The period will end with another storm system moving through the Plains region with snow expected over the Northern Plains and showers over the Southern Plains.

Source: redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly

Big Story Weather  January 9 2014

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