Chris Reich, Creator of BizPhyZ™, The Physics of Business™, Develops Presentation on Entropy

January 29, 2014

Chris Reich, creator of BizPhyZ™, The Physics of Business™, develops presentation on entropy.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Chris Reich, the developer of the physics of business™ known as BizPhyZ™, has completed work on a new presentation to teach business people about the ravages of entropy. Entropy essentially means disorder. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy always increases. In other words, disorder is always increasing unless work is put in to a system (business) to maintain or restore order.

"When we see things falling apart we tend to think of them as worn out or part of bad timing," say Chris Reich. "In reality, it is a law of nature that everything eventually will fall apart! This principle is so reliable that physicists use entropy to define time."

Reich gives the example of an automobile. "Cars don't just spontaneously appear from dust even though all the ingredients are available at a given location such as a junk yard. The cars in a junk yard deteriorate. Why? Why don't the molecules of all those junk cars form a new car? Why does that never happen? Do you know that is not impossible?"

At first thought, it seems rather obvious that a new car could not appear from a heap of rubbish. But why not? Why does the arrow of time seem to point only in the direction toward disorder? It's this central question that Reich uses to teach managers an important principle of business. He writes, "If you are not constantly putting energy into a system, entropy will eventually break that system down. This is why the company website looks after a short while if not updated. Machines break down, we know that. But so do processes. We have to put energy into everything, including our people, to keep things going. As soon as we coast, entropy begins to take us toward disorder."

Reich's presentation on entropy can stimulate new thinking at your business. He requires about 2 hours to deliver the presentation and conduct a lively discussion.

For information, contact Chris Reich though the BizPhyZ website or by phone at (530) 467-5690.

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