Aid in Recovery Comments On Reports of High Relapse Rates for Addicts in Vermont

March 4, 2014

Aid in Recovery released a statement today commenting on reports of high relapse rates for addicts in Vermont. According to reports, a state push to shorten the time that addicts stay in treatment facilities may be behind the surge in relapses.

Stuart, Florida (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Aid in Recovery released a statement today commenting on an increased instance of relapses for patients in drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state of Vermont.

According to a report from the Burlington Free Press (Vermont pushes for shorter drug treatment stays, relapse rate rises, 2/24/2014), a state push for a decrease in the amount of time spent by addicts in recovery centers may be contributing to a sharp increase in relapse rates among those patients. According to the report, some treatment centers are seeing relapse rates up to 100% higher than normal.

According to the report, the heads of some Vermont treatment centers experiencing an uptick in relapses have attributed the increase to a rule put in place by the Vermont state Health Department that requires prior approval for any patient staying longer than 15 days. The report states that prior to the rule going into effect, the average stay at two prominent Vermont treatment centers, Valley Vista and Maple Leaf, were 27 days and 17 days respectively.

“The road to recovery is not the same for everyone,” said Dr. Michael Lukens, Psychologist at Aid in Recovery. “Recovery takes as long as it takes, and no two patients are the same. Releasing addicts before they have had time to fully recover can undo much of the hard work that went into their treatment.”

The report goes on to state that the rule was put in place in order to better manage drug and alcohol treatment costs.“So-called cost-saving rules like these invariably end up costing society more in the long run because they handcuff the treatment professionals tasked with returning addicts to full health,” said Dr. Michael Lukens. “A relapse can do large amounts of psychological damage to a patient, and in some cases can even make their struggle with addiction even more difficult. We need to minimize that possibility as much as we can by giving our patients all the time they need to properly rehabilitate themselves.”

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