People, Animals Forced To Evacuate After Peru's Ubinas Volcano Erupts
April 18, 2014

People, Animals Forced To Evacuate After Peru’s Ubinas Volcano Erupts

Lawrence LeBlond for - Your Universe Online

Authorities in Peru have called for the evacuation of 4,000 people living around the Ubinas volcano, which has been erupting ash clouds up to two miles into the sky. The evacuation includes people from two regional districts: Moquegua and Arequipa.

According to Notimerica, the Ubinas volcano "is not only a threat to the human population in both districts, but the entire population of llamas (llamas , alpacas and vicuna ) which constitutes the main source of income for the residents."

Agriculture Minister Juan Benites said in a statement that the evacuation orders also include sheep, horses, cows and other animals from the southern district due to the increased activity. He added that it would take at least three days to move all residents and their animals to safer areas, according to the Associated Press.

The country’s health ministry has also said that about 40 people have complained about eye inflammation and stomach problems from ash that has blanketed the region since the 18,609-foot Ubinas volcano began erupting on March 29. Last week, Peruvian authorities issued a state of emergency for the region.

A similar eruption in 2006 led to an evacuation after cinder and toxic gases killed livestock in the region and sickened more than a thousand people. The last major eruption occurred 12 years ago. Prior to that, the volcano had been quiet for about 40 years. The volcano has erupted regularly since about 1550 and is considered Peru’s most active volcano.

The following video was released after an eruption on the peak on April 14, 2014: