April 18, 2014

Public Knowledge Announces Plan For Patent Reform

Today, the Director of Public Knowledge's Patent Reform Project, Charles Duan, released a white paper  entitled "A Five Part Plan for Patent Reform." The paper lays the foundation for Public Knowledge's views on the patent system. And should serve as a guide to Congress as they work towards patent reform. In Duan's five-part plan, he identifies the hot spots for abuse within the patent system. These are intended to inspire common sense legislation.

The following can be attributed to Charles Duan, Director of Public Knowledge's Patent Reform Project:

"The patent system is a very important motivator for new technology. But there are so many loopholes that allow for abuse and exploitation, harming rather than promoting innovation. This white paper looks at ways to fix this problem by identifying the areas where most abuse occurs, and it recommends the best courses of action to reforming these issues.

"We hope that this paper will provide a framework for the growing demands for patent reform. We will continue to promote the ideas in our paper to improve the patent system and create an environment that will foster innovation, creativity, and progress."


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