dont wash those jeans
May 22, 2014

Save Water And Don’t Wash Those Jeans, Says Levi Strauss CEO

Garrett Staas for - Your Universe Online

In an effort to promote its push for sustainability, the CEO of Levi Strauss, Chip Bergh, appeared at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference to talk about the topic within the realm of clothing manufacturing, reports Mashable's Neha Prakash.

The conference brings together industry leaders, environmentalists, investors, and many others to bring new services and ideas to improve sustainability around the world. Bergh said during the interview that he does not wash his jeans in an effort to bring awareness to a new line of jeans that saves money, time and water, for both the consumer and for Levi Strauss.

Levi Strauss is changing the process that it uses to coat the jeans during production. By changing the finishing process from a multi-cycle process to a single cycle process, the company hopes to set itself apart from competitors and bring about water conservation awareness.

According to Levi’s website, the new line of jeans saves 96 percent of water during production for some styles, up from the original 28 percent from original production saving techniques. The site also states that their new line of jeans has saved over 172 million liters of water compared to the original production techniques. The average water usage for a single production of jeans is roughly 42 liters of water. This new single cycle process saves a little over 41 liters of water for every production of this new line of jeans.

It is for this reason that Bergh promotes spot washing and drying, using a sponge or washcloth to clean the jeans rather than using a washer. Levi’s stresses that by using this spot cleaning method; the consumer is able to do their part for water conservation. Although this may not sound sanitary, Berg uses this technique of washing and boasted that he “has yet to get a skin disease.”

Levi’s also promotes the quality of their jeans by stating that the denim material within the jeans is able to withstand years of wear, tear, and rough cleaning that can be done by daily use and spot cleaning. The company is working with third world countries in order to improve the quality of the cotton and in turn makes the quality better for the jeans.

This new line of jeans is currently being marketed within the United States and Europe. Europe is finding more interest in this new initiative in water conservation as Europeans, in general, seem to be more in tune with sustainability issues around the world than the United States. This new line of jeans hopes to bring more awareness to all countries as Levi’s teams up with to push for water conservation. The campaign headed by these companies hopes to utilize the private and public sectors to find innovative ways for companies to improve production of products that consumers will want to purchase by reducing the overall consumption of water and other resources that are becoming scarce. The organizations also hope this campaign will bring water conservation awareness to countries so that the water may be transported to help people third world countries and save lives.

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