Pharmaceutical Companies to Convene in Basel, Switzerland in September to Explore the Practical Applications of Aging Research for Drug Discovery

July 2, 2014

InSilico Medicine, Inc. announces today: after decades of theoretical research and animal experimentation, the industry, academia and the policy makers will discuss the possible avenues for translating the leading laboratory discoveries into clinical practice.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) July 02, 2014

Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CEO of InSilico Medicine, Inc. and Bhupinder Bhullar, PhD, the laboratory director of the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR) are co-organizing the International Symposium on Geroprotectors: Practical Applications of Aging Research for Drug Discovery, at MipTec, in Basel, Switzerland on September 23-24th. The industry-sponsored conference with several parallel forums is free to attend.

With over 3,000 delegates from pharmaceutical companies, hundreds of exhibitors, poster presentations and speakers, MipTec is the largest annual drug discovery conference in Europe. The conference theme for 2014 is “Translating Science into Drugs.” It is the first time that the conference will feature the forum on aging research.

“Aging research has long been regarded by the pharmaceutical industry as a subject of controversy associated with failed expectations, ineffective remedies, and blatantly false claims. However, the explosion of the research and clinical data fueled by the drop in sequencing costs and technology convergence has led to the emergence of projects with credible business models and approaches targeting both the age-related diseases as well as the aging-associated processes. Advances in aging biomarkers and in silico drug screening methods may soon enable the pharmaceutical industry to revisit their business models and reshape the regulatory frameworks. I am happy to see that the most reputable pharmaceutical companies in the world are joining the difficult but noble quest to translate aging research into clinical practice,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD.

The aging forum will feature top academic and industry thought leaders in aging research, whose work is ready for or nearing clinical adoption. Keynote speakers at the conference include Dr. Jörg Reinhardt, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Novartis AG; Prof. Patrick Aebischer, President, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL); and Dr. Lorenz Mayr, Vice President, Reagents & Assay Development, AstraZeneca Ltd. More information is available at http://www.AgingPharma.com.

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