Palomino Shetland pony
February 28, 2015

What colors are these objects?

Shayne Jacopian for - @ShayneJacopian

The world has been irreparably divided for the last few days. This time, the culprit isn’t religion or politics, but a dress.

Watching it all, we decided we weren't going to add anything to the conversation, namely because we think it’s a giant pain in the ass.

Then we thought: Hey! We finally have the perfect moment to crowdsource some color questions we've been debating for months! are a few photos that we considered using for stories at some point, but didn't, because we got in massive arguments over what color they were. Let us know what you think!

Is this pony white and brown? Or turquoise and yellow?


Is this rolling surf seafoam green? Or seafoam blue?

rolling surf

Is this sweater dark goldenrod? Or burnt olive?


Is this firetruck RGB hex #d65955, or is it RGB hex #b7B13F?

firetruckAre these amber waves of grain mauve? Or, what the f**k is mauve?



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