October 29, 2007

Key Trends and Issues Facing the European Union Chemical Industry

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EU Chemical Industry Analysis

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The research report "EU Chemical Industry Analysis" is a comprehensive evaluation of the past and present status of chemical industry in European Union (EU). This report provides latest information on production, sale, consumption, and the trade scenario of chemical products in EU. It helps clients to analyze the leading-edge opportunities and the driving factors that indicate the existing and future success of chemical industry in the region. The future outlook of the chemical industry given in the report gives an idea of future of different chemical sectors in the region. However, the forecast is not based on an intricate economic model but has been done by correlating the past and present performance of the industry.

Note: EU means EU (25) countries in the report.

Market Analysis

The global chemical industry is growing extensively, thanks to multiple uses of chemicals in various industries. With respect to the global chemical industry, EU slipped down to the second position (market share of 30.43% and production value of Euro 455.2 Billion) as the largest chemical production base in 2005 after Asia; the reason was the expansion of production bases by China and India and poor performance in petrochemicals and specialty chemical segment in European Union (25).

The pharmaceutical industry of EU (25) is also the second largest industry in the world. It is estimated that the pharmaceutical industry in the region climbed up at a rate of 6% in 2006 propelling the whole chemical industry to move ahead with 2.6% rate.

In future, the chemical segment like consumer chemicals, plastic, paint and dyes, fertilizer chemicals etc are likely to grow due to their supportive industry growth in EU (25). Overall, chemical industry in EU (25) is expected to grow with a CAGR of 3.19% during 2007-2010.

Research Highlights

Presence of the world's second strongest pharmaceutical industry in European Union (25) has fuelled the pharmaceutical chemical sales and likely to support the chemical industry in future.

Cosmetic industry in Europe is gaining pace and creating demand for consumer chemicals in EU (25).

Huge automobile production base and emerging plastic packaging industry is going to create demand for the plastic and rubber chemicals in near future in the region.

The printing industry (newspaper) and textile industry is supporting the production of chemicals for paints and dyes and will decide the future demand in EU (25).

The production of agricultural products in Europe is going to support the future fertilizers and crop protection chemicals in the region.

Key Findings

Consumer chemicals sale in EU (25) is expected to grow with a CAGR of 2.83% during 2007-2010 and will be supported by the growing personal product industry in Europe.

Specialty and fine chemical sales are projected to record a CAGR of 1.53% from 2007 to 2010 due to rising competition from developing countries like China and India.

Pharmaceutical industry sales in EU (25) are anticipated to attain a CAGR of 2.99% during the forecasted period.

Petrochemical sales in EU (25) are forecasted to inch up at a CAGR of 2.87% during 2007 to 2010.

Key Issues and Facts Analyzed

What is the chemical production, sales, and trade scenario globally and in EU?

What is the EU chemical production by types?

What is the EU chemical export and import scenario by regions and types?

What is the landscape of chemical industry like in major EU countries?

Which forces are driving the chemical industry in EU?

What are the opportunities and challenges for chemical manufacturers in EU?

Who are the key players operating in the market?

Research Methodology Used

Information Sources

The information has been sourced from authentic and reliable sources like books, newspapers, trade Journals, and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring of industry news and developments, and access to more than 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Method

Methods like historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis using software tools, judgmental forecasting and cause and effect analysis have been used in the report for prudent analysis.

Table of content

1. Analyst View

2. World Chemical Industry

2.1 Production

2.2 Sales

2.3 Trade

3. EU Chemical Industry

3.1 Production

3.1.1 By Sector Organic Inorganic Plastic Synthetic Fiber Fertilizers

3.1.2 By Region

3.2 Sales

3.2.1 By Sector

3.2.2 By Region

3.3 Trade

3.3.1 Export

3.3.2 Import

4. Major European Chemical Industries

4.1 Germany

4.1.1 Turnover

4.1.2 By Sector

4.1.3 Sales

4.1.4 Export

4.1.5 Import

4.2 France

4.2.1 Turnover

4.2.2 By Sector

4.2.3 Export

4.2.4 Import

4.3 United Kingdom

4.3.1 Turnover

4.3.2 By Sector

4.3.3 Export

4.3.4 Import

4.4 Italy

4.4.1 Turnover

4.4.2 By Sector

4.4.3 Consumption

4.4.4 Export

4.4.5 Import

4.5 Belgium

4.5.1 Turnover

4.5.2 By Sector

4.5.3 Sales

4.5.4 Export

4.5.5 Import

4.6 Spain

4.6.1 Turnover

4.6.2 By Sector

4.6.3 Sales

4.6.4 Export

4.6.5 Import

4.7 The Netherlands

4.7.1 Turnover

4.7.2 By Sector

4.7.3 Export

4.7.4 Import

5. EU Chemical Industry - An Analysis

5.1 Driving Forces

5.1.1 Automobile Industry

5.1.2 Cosmetic Industry

5.1.3 Construction Industry

5.1.4 Textile Industry

5.2 Opportunities

5.2.1 Consumer Chemicals

5.2.2 Plastic

5.2.3 Paints & Dyes

5.2.4 Basic Organic & Inorganic Chemicals

5.2.5 Chemicals for Fertilizer Manufacturing & Crop Protection

5.3 Drawbacks

5.3.1 Use as Chemical Weapons

5.3.2 Environmental & Health Issues

5.3.3 Mature Chemical Industry

5.3.4 Declining Career Choice

5.3.5 Impact of REACH

6. Future Outlook (2007-2010)

6.1 Chemical Industry Sales

6.2 Petrochemical Sales

6.3 Consumer Chemical Sales

6.4 Specialty & Fine Chemical Sales

6.5 Pharmaceuticals Industry

7. Key Players

7.1 Bayer AG

7.2 BASF Aktiengesellschaft

7.3 TOTAL S.A.

7.4 Exxon Mobil Corporation

7.5 Royal Dutch Shell Plc

7.6 BP Plc

7.7 Air Liquide

7.8 Akzo Nobel N.V.

7.9 Ineos Group Limited

7.10 Degussa AG

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