Saudi Aramco’s Offshore Crude Loading Platform Back in Service

March 24, 2008

Oil major Saudi Aramco’s Sea Island No-4 offshore crude oil loading facility is back in service after the completion of three capital improvement projects and a scheduled test and inspection.

Saudi Aramco noted that Sea Island No-4 is capable of berthing and loading the world’s largest oil tankers. The capital improvements include a new system to automate the monitoring and control of loading. It will also reportedly improve efficiency, minimize contamination and measurement discrepancies.

A new fire-water system consisting of six new higher-capacity main pumps and three jockey pumps will enhance firefighting capacity and safety aboard all three Sea Island facilities, according to the company.

The Sea Island No-3 facility has already started the same upgrade projects, and No-2 is scheduled for the upgrade in late-2008.

Both Sea Island No-2 and No-3 are expected to be upgraded in the first quarter of 2009. The projects will reportedly improve reliability and safety, helping the company meet expected increases in worldwide oil demand.

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