April 24, 2008

Dubai, Middle East Going Green Through $30M Per Annum Distribution Agreement With Ethos Environmental

Ethos Environmental, Inc., (OTCBB: ETEV) a San Diego-based company, announces the signing of an exclusive agreement with Joseph and Gionis, LLC (Newport Beach, CA & Abu Dhabi, UAE) for distribution of Ethos Fuel Reformulating products in Dubai and more than 20 other countries throughout the Middle East.

Initial plans to implement Ethos FR directly into Dubai's state-owned fuel supply will guarantee minimum sales of $30 million annually from Dubai alone. This plan comes at the behest of Dubai's royal family and UAE President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, who is renowned for his dedication to the well-being of his people and the environment.

Spurred by Dubai's emergence as an international business hub, the furious rate of new construction requires huge quantities of heavy diesel construction equipment and vehicles. The direct implementation of Ethos FR into Dubai's fuel supply will ensure the reduction of harmful emissions from all heavy equipment operating in the emirate, as well as from municipal and private transportation modes.

The royal family of Dubai is known throughout the Middle East for their charity and for their concern for developing nations and the environment. Under the auspices and influence of the royal family, Joseph and Gionis, LLC anticipates quick acceptance for Ethos products both in the UAE and other countries throughout the region.

Joseph and Gionis, LLC is a premier consulting and distribution firm dedicated to promoting biotechnology, health and welfare throughout the Middle East. They have been instrumental in developing numerous projects in the commercial and industrial marketplaces.

According to Dr. Walid Yousef of Joseph and Gionis, "Ethos FR is a product that we are proud to bring to the Middle East. The benefits of Ethos FR for health and the environment are in perfect alignment with our professional mission." Ethos Environment is pleased to join Joseph and Gionis, LLC in this exciting venture. Ethos For Earth, Inc. marketing arm for Ethos Environmental, was instrumental in developing the agreement.

For additional information, please visit www.ethosfr.com.

About Ethos Environmental, Inc.

Ethos Environmental, Inc., (OTCBB: ETEV) a San Diego-based corporation, is the manufacturer of award-winning fuel reformulating products that help industries meet environmental regulations and relieve skyrocketing fuel costs. By using Ethos FR(R), commercial vehicles can increase fuel mileage between 7 percent and 19 percent while reducing harmful emissions by more than 30 percent. For more information about Ethos Environmental, Inc., visit www.ethosfr.com.

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