June 17, 2008

Who Are You Calling Lazy?

Re "Lazy Americans" (Sunday Monitor letter, May 18):

Yep, it is easy to get disability benefits. It took me only 19 months. Why is this lazy American getting disability? Because of the chemicals in the air and all the poisonous chemicals people wear, such as perfume and scented this and scented that. Women are the worst offenders, but men wear some pretty offensive colognes and aftershaves as well.

I am disabled because I have MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Your favorite scent can cut off my breathing or give me pneumonia or respiratory ailments. I cannot go out to eat anymore, or to a fair or to church or to any social events. Getting groceries is a very well planned out event. Go early in the morning - never on Wednesday! Be done before 10 a.m.

This lazy American started working summers at the age of 11, worked most summers after that until I left school, then worked fulltime until I was 52 years old. Thank you for pointing out that I am a lazy American. But at least I have paid into Social Security that which I am taking out. I will pray for your cold heart regarding those who suffer from disabilities.


Smithfield, Maine

Originally published by For the Monitor.

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