June 17, 2008

Parading As Science

Regarding Elliott Epstein's June 8 column, "No evolution in this debate," I believe the religion that conflicts with science is evolution.

In true science, a theory is proposed to explain available evidence. Rigorous testing will expose bad theory.

Evolution has been discredited but lives on in spite of contradicting evidence and its violation of fundamental principles of science. "Widely accepted" means nothing - it was once widely accepted that the sun revolved around the Earth.

The scientific community at large has misled people into accepting that evolution is supported by good science (it isn't) and that there's little to refute it (there's plenty). Most people don't know that most of the basics of evolutionary thought were established long before there was good science with which to examine them.

Evolution doesn't even make sense. A lizard evolved to a bird, meaning a leg became a wing. A fifth-grader can recognize that a half-leg/half-wing is a bad leg long before it is a good wing. Yet evolutionary dogma insists this is what happened.

Where are the fossils of the intermediary forms? There should be evidence of them, yet none exist (Archaeopteryx has been exposed as a fraud). There are no missing links - there are entire chains missing.

Epstein cuts to the heart of the matter. True religion has nothing to fear from good science. However, it is evolution that is doing the undermining here, by parading itself as science rather than the philosophy that it truly is.Daniel Crawley, Rumford

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