June 20, 2008

MOP Environmental’s “Mission” In-Line With $289 Billion Farm Bill

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MOP Environmental (MOPN.pk), a manufacturer of oil spill removal products, announces: The "Biochar Provisions" in the recently approved US Farm Bill of 2008, specifically deals with the Carbon- Negative Biomass Energy and Soil Quality Initiative, consistent with the Company's "Total Earth Recovery Mission(TM)." www.mopenvironmental.com/21Video/mop_html/mop_layout.html

MOP uses water power and recycled waste to make patented MOP(R) Maximum Oil Pickup & associated equipment. Unlike the high costs associated with oil spill response, MOP technology recovers spilled oil at a profit. After oil extraction, left-over MOP is processed into pellet fuel or through Carbon-Negative Bio-Char Technology is used as soil amendment to boost agricultural yields 200% to 400% while also extracting 100% of the available energy as non-polluting hydrogen based fuel.

According to CEO Charles Diamond: "The Carbon-Negative Biochar process we use in our Mission is earmarked for funding in the Biochar provisions of the $289 billion, 2008 Farm Bill (H.R. 2419), adopted this May. This proven technology is commonly acknowledged as the only method to reverse Global Warming within this century. Additionally, we have initiated the Biochar grant application process in accordance with the Bill's provisions."

2008 Farm Bill - Biochar Provisions: http:// www.ethanolmarket.com/PressReleaseUSHouse051508

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About MOP: MOP Environmental is the manufacturer of oil-spill clean up products made from recycled waste that can be used on land or water. Applications include loose particulate, booms, pillows, pads, bilge skimmers and spill response kits. See product catalog, demonstrations and ordering information at our website. www.mopenvironmental.com

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