June 20, 2008

Town Lines Up Supply of Sand

By Duane Hayes

WOODSTOCK - Selectmen voted Tuesday to contract for winter sand with E.C. Hadley and Son Excavation of South Woodstock.

Hadley's bid was the lowest of three at $6.95 per cubic yard.

Other bidders were Poland Corp. of West Paris at $7 per yard and Tibbetts of Wilton at $9.50 per yard.

The project involves hauling, mixing with salt and putting the mix in the storage shed at the town office and garage in Bryant Pond.

Town Manager Vern Maxfield ordered 3,000 cubic yards, 1,000 yards more than last year.

"Last year we ordered only 2,000 yards because we had had a lot left over from the winter before. But in the end, with a much tougher winter this past year, we ended up having to order an extra 1,000 yards anyway," he said.

By ordering the sand early, Maxfield said selectmen felt they could get a price locked in before diesel prices go any higher.

Hadley assured selectmen that he will deliver the sand/salt mixture as soon as he has time.

In other business, Maxfield told selectmen the summer paving program will be complete in the next several days.

Roads paved this year will be portions of Old County, Curtis Hill, Cushman Hill and Koskela.

Originally published by Special to the Sun Journal.

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