June 21, 2008

Arctic Community Officials Say Flood Waters No Longer Eroding Land Under Town


Pangnirtung, Nunavut - Officials in a remote Arctic community say their situation is now relatively stable after a flash flood looked as though it may wash the community away from underground.

The administrator for the town of Pangnirtung (PANG-nir-tongue), Nunavut, says water a nearby river is no longer eroding away at the ground under homes near the town's edge.

Two days of rain and a quick spring melt caused a deluge of water to come roaring down the Duvall River, hitting the community and carving a 10-metre channel through the permafrost.

It caused a number of cracks and sinkholes near the community, and damaged bridges that separate the majority of its 1600 residents from water treatment and sewage facilities.

Workers are using the stability of the situation to establish a better water supply chain across the river.

Although the scenario is better then last week, officials can't say for sure what the future will bring until results from seismic and radar testing are obtained.