June 24, 2008

Healthy Clean Soap Shop – ‘Clean With a Conscience’

LOS ANGELES, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthy Clean Soap Shop is pleased to offer the utmost pure, organic soaps and liquid cleaners possible. Our organic products are the alternative to the often irritating, chemically based products that are in today's marketplace. Our soaps are cold pressed, and totally chemical free, made with only the finest quality essential oils and organic ingredients possible.

"Why We Believe in Organic Soaps?" Our body's can more readily handle the natural chemical groups we encounter in plants and minerals found naturally in our environment. However, over the past 100 years or so, humans have flooded the land, sea, air and food supply as well as personal care products with chemicals never or rarely seen before on this planet. It's a choice to make a difference and create a healthier lifestyle by choosing organic products. We can all start somewhere..........

About Healthy Clean Soap Shop

Healthy Clean Soap Shop has gained the attention of savvy consumers who know and understand the importance of all natural products and love the look and feel of the line. The HCSS line consists of its core organic bar soap, our liquid line that includes an awesome all natural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Liquid, a Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner, Gentle Pet Shampoo, and Fruit & Veggie Wash. To complete the line, we have added silky organic shower gels to compliment the soaps.

All of our products and packaging is bio-degradable and recyclable. Not only is this line good for you, it is fun line of products that you can truly feel good about using!

To see our full line of products, please visit us at: (http://healthycleansoapshop.com/)

    Contact:    Michele Armstrong / Owner    1140 Highland Avenue, Ste. 129    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266    310-343-0298    [email protected]  

Healthy Clean Soap Shop

CONTACT: Michele Armstrong, Owner of Healthy Clean Soap Shop,+1-310-343-0298, [email protected]

Web site: http://www.healthycleansoapshop.com/