June 24, 2008

MOP Environmental Offers Oil Spill – First Response Plan

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN.pk), a manufacturer of oil spill removal products, today announced their Oil Spill - First Response Plan to place MOP absorbent and MOP-CANNONS in key locations for rapid deployment by 1st Responders. MOP(R) Maximum Oil Pickup is uniquely able to neutralize all the potential harmful effects of an oil spill merely upon its rapid deployment.

MOP offers exceptionally high pickup capacity, traction restoring grit and oil recovery options. It is equally effective indoors, outdoors, in all weather conditions and removes up to 99% of oil spills on land or water.

Regarding effectiveness CEO, Charles Diamond states, "Many 1st Responders still use clay, essentially kitty-litter absorbent. For example a 100 pound oil spill requires about 1,000 pounds, of clay while merely 5 lb of MOP will do an even better job. Oil saturated clay must be disposed of in certified hazmat sites costing up to $1,000 in fees, compared to MOP with 3 profitable recovery options:

1. Squeezing it recovers the valuable oil

2. Burning the residue as fuel recovers 100% of the energy

3. Pyrolysis transforms it into valuable soil amendment, plus non-polluting fuel

With its effectiveness, low cost, and easy application, MOP's oil-spill recovery options provide unconventional profits."

About MOP Environmental Solutions: A green manufacturer of oil spill removal products, used on land and water, providing particulate, booms, pillows, pads, bilge skimmers, spill response kits and associated processing machinery. For information, product demonstrations and catalogs contact Tim Crowley at 1-888-747-2200 or visit mopenvironmental.com

Investor Relations: Rick Neild, [email protected]

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