June 24, 2008

Ten Tips for the Weekend Gardener

No matter how many technological advances Americans make, one thing is for sure -- we can't control the weather. Some areas of our country are experiencing dust-raising drought, while other parts of the nation are underwater. Crops are being affected on a wide scale, and the price of food is going up too. For weekend gardeners and professionals alike, it has become increasingly important to learn new methods of planting with confidence and following sustainable gardening practices.

Organic Growing Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: AGWS) is leading the way in the green industry as one of the fastest growing suppliers of an organic fertilizer made with processed chicken litter that is perfect for any weather conditions. The company's TOP 4-2-2 Organic Fertilizer is completely safe for children and animals and does not cause toxic runoff problems in wet weather conditions or in coastal regions where chemical runoff has resulted in dangerous red tides and persistent dead zones where sea and plant life cannot grow. In areas with little rainfall, this slow-release nitrogen fertilizer needs less water to settle in, and adds nutrients back into the soil that nurture and strengthen plants.

According to John Strickland, COO of Organic Growing Systems, the country must embrace sustainable agriculture and green-efficiency to preserve the planet, and sees these practices as essential for both large scale growers and backyard gardeners. "With rising synthetic fertilizer costs, rising gas prices and rising food prices, we must find ways to insure the stability of our crops and plant life. The best place to start is always with the roots, and of course, the better the soil, the stronger the plant."

Mr. Strickland offers the following 10 tips for maintaining a healthy garden:

 --  Depending on your geographic location, choose drought-tolerant or     water-loving native or non-invasive exotic plants, and always purchase the     best quality plants and shrubs -- ask your retailer about plant life     guarantees -- be sure to keep your receipts.      --  Group plants together based on how much shade, sun and watering they     need.      --  Start your gardens off with organic fertilizer and other organic     products. If switching over from chemical to organic products, do it in     steps -- adding more organic fertilizer and less synthetic over a two-week     period.      --  Fertilize and mulch garden beds and potted plants -- the water will     evaporate into the mulch and fertilizer, and keep the plants protected and     watered as needed.      --  Water your plants early in the morning, and water them at the root     zone, for a longer period of time, but less often. Watering longer but less     often encourages hardy plants with deeper roots. After a heavy rain, skip     the regular watering regime.      --  Save water by using a full watering can rather than a hose, and bend     from the knees to protect your back from the weight of the water and the     can.      --  Accept less-than-lush gardens and lawns during dry periods, and be     aware that flowers, plants and lawns will regenerate after heavy rains.      --  Clear out dead trees and trim back leafy trees to allow more light in     on lawns and gardens.      --  Check automatic sprinkler systems to be sure they are operating     properly and not watering the sidewalk and driveway, and re-adjust the time     and positioning of the sprinklers as needed.      --  For lawn care, mow high and use a sharp blade -- 3 inches is     recommended.  High growth increases grass' tolerance to drought and     insect/disease problems, and clean cut grass blades lose less water than     tattered cut blades of grass.      

TOP 4-2-2 Organic Fertilizer from Organic Growing Systems is available in 40-pound bags at garden shops and home care stores throughout the South, and will be available nationally by 2009. A 40-lb bag retails for approximately $20. For more information please visit: www.organicgrowingsystems.com.

About AGWS:

Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. ("AGSI" or the "Company"), founded in 2006, is the parent company of Organic Growing Systems, Inc. (a scientifically advanced organic fertilizer manufacturer) and Advanced Nurseries, Inc. (a wholesale group of commercial nurseries located in the Southeastern US). AGSI is dedicated to providing its shareholders significant value and is directly involved in the $48 billion fertilizer market and the $66 billion Green Industry. For more information, please visit www.AGSIncorporated.com.

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SOURCE: Advanced Growing Systems