June 24, 2008

Solution to California Drought is in the Clouds

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- With a state of emergency due to severe water shortages being declared by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in nine Central Valley counties, residents and businesses are being required to reduce water consumption to offset a dramatic decrease in available water allotment this year.

In a letter sent to the Governor this week, Rain Harvesting Systems (http://www.rainharvestingsystems.com/) offered its assistance to the state's Department of Water Resources (DWR) in its effort to promote water conservation and bring awareness of harvesting rainwater to the water agencies and homeowners.

The letter read, in part:

We at Rain Harvesting Systems applaud your actions to help the state collect and conserve water usage and we are anxious to do whatever it takes to assist your office in this effort. Rain Harvesting Systems is a Northern California company that puts a modern spin on the age-old practice of collecting rain. Rain Harvesting Systems provides homeowners with a system designed to save thousands of gallons of rain water and to store it for use when conventional water sources run low.

Rain Harvesting Systems would like to assist the DWR in bringing awareness to local water districts and homeowners about the advantages of collecting rainwater off the roofs of residential and commercial buildings in wet months to be used during dry months. We would also like share with the DWR the idea of encouraging local water agencies to give rebates to homeowners who install rain harvesting systems on their home of 1,000 gallons or more.

According to Rain Harvesting System co-founder Robert Lenney, a customized rain harvesting system can collect thousands of gallons of fresh rainwater annually by taking advantage of collecting rain that falls on the roof during the fall-winter-spring months.

"The system filters the rainwater and then stores it in specially sealed water tanks to be used when needed by the homeowner or manufacturing plant," Lenney said. "The water can be used for agricultural irrigation, lawns and gardens, cleaning and even for drinking with the proper filtration system installed.

"And in an emergency, stored water can also be used by fire departments for fighting wildfires."

Modesto resident and Rain Harvesting Systems co-founder and Modesto resident John Lewis sees rainwater collection as a critical tool for Central Valley homeowners facing drought restrictions.

"The average residential home in Modesto probably uses around 100,000 gallons of water from between March and October for outside watering needs alone," said Lewis. "That number does not include what is used inside the home. The drought alert emphasizes the need for homeowners to take control of their water usage. "

"And what better way than to manage your water use more wisely and to collect the free rain that falls from the sky!"

A typical rain harvesting system consists of a first stage water filter called Gutterglove gutter guard that deflects leaves, pine needles and even sand from the gutter; then a secondary filter, called a roof washing system; a rainwater pump and a water storage tank. Rainwater tanks can be installed above or below the ground as desired.

For fire protection, Rain Harvesting Systems has an optional fire hose adapter that allows fire departments to hook up to stored rainwater for emergency use. For example, Rain Harvesting Systems is installing a 5,800-gallon rain collection system, with a fireman hose hook-up, for a homeowner who lives near the recent fires that claimed numerous homes in the Santa Cruz Mountains recently.

ES Electrical of Loomis is partnering with Rain Harvesting Systems to provide solar-powered electrical pumps for the rain collection systems, making a perfect marriage of the sun and rain.

Rain Harvesting Systems is one of the first companies in Northern California to offer full-service design and installation of complete rainwater catchment systems. The company also has a showroom near the Roseville area where residents can see for themselves how effective and rewarding rain harvesting can be.


Rain Harvesting Systems, a Rocklin based company, is the first, and currently the only company in the Central Valley dedicated to water conservation through the means of promoting the use of sustainable methods of collecting rain. More information can be obtained at http://www.rainharvestingsystems.com/ or by calling 877-662-5644.


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