June 25, 2008

Toronto Dog Poisoning Case Expands

Toronto police are appealing to the public for tips on who is setting out poison that killed two dogs and several raccoons in the city's biggest public park.

At a news conference in High Park near Dog Hill, an off-leash area where six dogs became sick Sunday after drinking antifreeze-laced water, Detective Suzanne Pinto said a loaf of bread soaked in antifreeze had been found in the wooded area 10 feet from the walkway.

There is something obviously concerning and bizarre in the park, she said.

She broke the news that in recent weeks, several dead raccoons had been found, including two that had been posed, one with his paws in front of him, holding a bouquet of flowers, the Toronto Star reported.

For weeks, the issue of the park's off-leash area has been in political contention, with naturalists calling for its elimination to preserve the wooded area's ecosystem and Pinto said it was highly likely the poisonings were linked to the debate.