June 29, 2008

Pesticide Users Urged to Consult New EU Legislation

By Anonymous

Chemical manufacturers, importers and users need to check new EU rules regarding chemical control and pre-register their use or face being forced to halt their activities. Between 1 June and 1 December, businesses can register in advance the chemicals they make or import with the European Chemicals Agency (known as ECHA) in Helsinki. Failing to do so could force businesses to stop manufacturing or importing substances until they are registered.

Pre-registration, which involves supplying a few pieces of basic information to the ECHA, means people can take advantage of a phased registration process at a later date.

Those who fail to pre-register will have to fully register their chemicals straight after 1 December or the chemicals will be withdrawn from the market until they are fully registered.

Full registration involves putting together a comprehensive dossier of data about the substance.

The scheme is part of the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals programme (REACH).

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