July 1, 2008

Extra Cash to Boost Children’s Interest in Science


SCIENCE centres will receive a GBP 250,000 boost this year to improve the interest and ability of children in the subject.

The funding is to help inspire youngsters to choose key subjects of benefit to the economy, such as physics and engineering.

Last month, the Scottish Survey of Achievement in Science revealed that too few P4-7 pupils achieved expected levels in science.

Centres set to benefit are Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, Glasgow Science Centre, Sensation in Dundee and Satrosphere in Aberdeen.

It is the latest move by the Scottish Government to improve the uptake of science among young Scots.

A science baccalaureate is to be introduced to encourage more teenagers to study science in S5 and S6. And new draft guidance on how science should be taught from age three to 18 has been published as part of the incoming new school curriculum.

Business has long called for more job-seekers qualified in science and technology. Fiona Hyslop, the education secretary, said: "Scotland's economic future is increasingly dependent on science, engineering and technology.

"It is, therefore, important that all of our young people gain a good understanding of science and that they understand its importance in the 21st century."

Professor Anne Glover, the Scottish Government's chief scientific adviser, said: "It will be another tool for developing teachers' ability to excite young people about science."

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