July 3, 2008

Campus Closes Facility, Supports Local Composter

By Anonymous

Ithaca, New York Ithaca College began a campus composting program in 1993 as a means to divert food scraps. The program became a service offered by the Facilities Department, but was only tangentially connected to the college's educational mission, because it is not an agricultural school, explains Mark Darling, Ithaca College's Program Coordinator for the Recycling/Resource Management division. "The primary reason for closing our facility was the opening of Cayuga Compost," says Darling. "This allowed us to support a local business, one whose focus is producing excellent compost."

Cayuga Compost and Tompkins County cooperated on a six-month food waste composting pilot in 2006, collecting approximately 200 tons. The company now offers weekly collection of 55-gallon bins to several businesses and institutions, as well as for public events. The County provides yard trimmings for the mix; finished compost is sold in specialty blends to landscapers and wineries, as well as in bags at retail outlets. Copyright J.G. Press Inc. Jun 2008

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