July 3, 2008

Double Standards

I think it is absolutely wrong that 1080 helicoptered drops are carried out over streams and water catchments.

However, a set of double standards applies when it comes to someone mailing an envelope purported to contain 1080 powder to Pastoral House where the Agriculture Ministry's mailroom is.

The 1080 is so dangerous that the whole 18-storey building is immediately evacuated. That goes to show how the propaganda put out by the Conservation Department and the Animal Health Board is totally wrong - 1080 is completely dangerous; there is no antidote; and the Nazis used it during World War II to poison water.

Next month there are two aerial drops planned, both of which are targeted in and around public water supplies.

The first is Kumara's water supply and the second one is planned for the Ohau River catchment just above Levin's water intake.

It is estimated the drop there will be nine tonnes throughout the 3000ha. So much for the reaction from a government department which knows how dangerous it is to receive one small letter containing 1080 powder. Kahurangi and Abel Tasman National Parks should be closed to the public for one year when this poison is dropped there.




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