July 7, 2008

VeruTEK Technologies Announces Cooperative Agreement With FMC Corporation

VeruTEK Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:VTKT) today announced that it has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with FMC Corporation (NYSE:FMC). Under the terms of the agreement, FMC will distribute VeruTEK's plant-based products for use in soil and groundwater remediation applications with FMC's specialty oxidants.

Laboratory and initial field applications have demonstrated the ability of VeruTEK's surfactant-enhanced in-situ chemical oxidation (S-ISCO(TM)) to destroy contaminants bound to the soil and non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) that are difficult to treat by conventional in-situ chemical oxidation methods. The combination of FMC's Klozur(R) chemistry with VeruTEK's recent advances in persulfate-surfactant technology creates an opportunity to treat contaminated sites that previously could only be addressed by excavation or containment.

John Collins, CEO of VeruTEK, stated, "we are pleased to be working with FMC to distribute our high tech solutions to solve environmental problems."

"We are delighted to work with VeruTEK and believe that this agreement lays a foundation to significantly expand the market for in-situ chemical oxidation," said Scott Steffl, business development director, FMC Peroxygens.

VeruTEK and FMC are also sponsoring a free workshop, Smart Environmental Remediation Technologies- Green, Sustainable, In Place and Effective, The Future is Now, on July 23, 2008 at the Bradley Airport Sheraton (visit www.verutek.com for more information).

About VeruTEK Technologies, Inc.

VeruTEK (OTCBB:VTKT) provides proprietary, patent-pending, green nanotechnology solutions for cleaning up the environment. For more information, please visit www.verutek.com.

About FMC Corporation

FMC Corporation is a diversified chemical company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and quality products. The company operates its businesses in three segments: Agricultural Products, Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals.

FMC Peroxygens, a division of FMC Industrial Chemicals Group, is the leading producer of hydrogen peroxide and other specialty oxidants. For over 50 years FMC Peroxygens has been a pioneer in developing market driven technology based on environmentally friendly oxidizers.

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