July 7, 2008

Atlantica BioEnergy Task Force Unveiled

FREDERICTON, July 7 /PRNewswire/ A taskforce of forest industry stakeholders from Eastern Canada and Maine was launched this week to explore bio-related opportunities within the forestry sector across the region.

The Atlantica BioEnergy Task Force is comprised of regional government, industry, federal and regional organizations and post secondary institutions. The group has come together to better understand what opportunities may exist and are supported by a world class team from PricewaterhouseCoopers who will systematically examine opportunities in the area of wood-based BioProducts while considering sustainable use of resources, current regional operations, maturity of new technologies, the current regulatory environment and the economic impact.

"The global forest industry is rapidly changing and it is incumbent on all stakeholders to look for environmentally sustainable ways to best use our wood-based resources in the future," says Task Force Executive Director Thor Olesen. "The BioEnergy Task Force is a group of forest industry stakeholders who are committed to future sustainable development of our forest products and the role biotechnologies can play in that."

The study will seek to map the most effective use of wood resources available in the region including BioEnergy, Biochemical and value added Bio-products. The study will also examine new technologies with a strong focus on solutions that complement the current operations across the region.

   Task Force partners include;    - Province of            - NewPage Corp          - Forest Products     Nova Scotia            - University of           Association of   - Province of              New Brunswick           Nova Scotia     New Brunswick          - Dalhousie             - New Brunswick   - The State of             University              Forest Products     Maine                  - University of           Association   - Emera                    Maine                 - NSERC (Natural   - NB Power               - FP Innovations          Sciences and   - Colour                 - Maine Pulp and          Engineering   - Pricewaterhouse          Paper Association       Research Council     Coopers                - Maine Forest            of Canada)   - JD Irving Ltd            Products Council      - BioAtlantech   - AV Group   - Groupe Savoie   - Abitibibowater   

"The work will be conducted over the next few months and will culminate with a Leader's Summit and Research and Development forum by the end of the year that will bring together industry and government leadership along with key stakeholders to identify tangible actions that will move the study into meaningful outcomes," adds Olesen.

Atlantica BioEnergy Task Force

CONTACT: Media Contact: Thor Olesen, Executive Director, AtlanticaBioEnergy Task Force, (506) 462-4180