July 9, 2008

BayBio Supports Higher Standards for Eighth Grade Algebra

BayBio, which represents Northern California's life sciences industry, today announced support for California's Algebra I exam as California's test to measure eighth-grade mathematics for federal accountability purposes.

"As the oldest, largest and most productive life sciences cluster in the world, the industry is based on a math and science foundation," said Matthew M. Gardner, president and CEO of BayBio. "Algebra is the gateway to critical thinking, pivotal for success in science, engineering and technology."

"We realize the wide-reaching implications of raising the state's standards. Northern California's life sciences workforce is growing and provides an expansive base of highly-educated, highly paid employment. Students are the future of life sciences workforce and a well educated workforce is the backbone of the life sciences industry. BayBio supports increased funding for science and mathematics."

About BayBio

BayBio is Northern California's life sciences association. It supports the life sciences community through advocacy, enterprise support and the promotion of best practices and research collaboration. BayBio represents more than 400 members involved in research, development, and commercialization of life science technologies. Over a third of BayBio members are engaged in developing medical technologies, diagnostics and research tools. More info about BayBio can be found at www.baybio.org