July 9, 2008

Columbus, Ohio, Dismissal of Paint Lawsuit Confirms Such Litigation is Without Merit, Says Public Nuisance Fairness Coalition

Today's decision by the City of Columbus, Ohio, to dismiss its public nuisance lawsuit against paint manufacturers confirms such lawsuits are without merit, according to the Public Nuisance Fairness Coalition (PNFC). The action follows a July 1 decision by the Rhode Island Supreme Court to unanimously dismiss a lead paint lawsuit brought by the state.

"The Rhode Island decision, and previous decisions, confirm such lawsuits are without merit and should not have been filed in the first place," said Stan Anderson, chair of the Public Nuisance Fairness Coalition executive committee. "Other jurisdictions should carefully reconsider pursuing such litigation in light of what is now settled law."

About the Public Nuisance Fairness Coalition

The Public Nuisance Fairness Coalition (www.publicnuisancefairness.org) is a broad coalition of individuals, businesses, and legal reform interests who are concerned with the growing misuse of public nuisance lawsuits. The mission of the Coalition is to increase awareness of the inappropriate use of public nuisance litigation, especially where such cases involve alleged harm from a product, and to address the issue by means of educational outreach, legislative approaches and intervention in litigation through amicus briefs.