July 9, 2008

Fire Station Wall to Be Fixed

By Donna M. Perry

LIVERMORE FALLS - Selectmen have voted to fix a damaged, interior fire station wall and have accepted changes to the Fire Department bylaws, Chairwoman Louise Chabot said Tuesday.

The wall was struck by accident when a firetruck was backed into the tight quarters. Inspectors determined there was no structural damage. Selectmen chose the option of pushing the bricks back in place or putting a membrane over the area, Chabot said.

The board also approved replacing the ladders that were damaged in the accident, she said.

The membrane and installation will cost $3,500 and the ladder replacement will cost $1,123 for a total of $4,623. The insurance company will pay $4,494 and the town will pay $129, she said.

The change in Fire Department bylaws will reflect a new organizational chart, Chabot said.

Fire Chief Marvin Parker has assigned specific duties to officers and is in the process of writing duties and assignments. Under the new organizational chart there is the chief, Assistant Chief Mark Chretien and two captains, Ron Leclerc and Sonny Jones, with two lieutenants under them. Working with Leclerc are Lts. Alan Chretien and Rob Melotto and with Jones, Lts. Craig Hewins and Butch Bryant.

Selectmen also agreed that if a structure fire is reported in the East Livermore section of town, tankers trucks would be called out from Leeds, Fayette and Wayne, Chabot said.

When a fire is reported in East Livermore, water is needed because there is no public drinking water system nor are there any hydrants.

Selectmen also approved having the Police Department and emergency dispatchers issue burning permits, Chabot said. Members of the Fire Department issue them but at times it is difficult to find an on-call volunteer firefighter. The changeover is expected to take a month.

Selectmen also approved a request for bid packages to go out for paving and reclaiming work on Moose Hill Road and Haines Corner Road and paving on Jug Hill Road, Pearl Street and Strickland Loop, Town Manager Martin Puckett said.

Bids also will go out on removing 14 white pine trees and one birch tree from Sewall Park off Pine Avenue. The trees are near homes and are rotting, Puckett said.

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