July 10, 2008

When Sex Determination Gets State Push

By Sukhbir Siwach

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government is totally supportive of a particular kind of sex determination. In fact, it is willing to provide facilities to encourage it. This type of sex determination is linked to buffalo births.

The government is planning to introduce a technology which ensures breeding of buffaloes. This will be a first in the country.

The technology is currently in use in the USA and Canada. It involves categorizing semen according to the sex that the newborns will have and using it for insemination. The technology will be introduced in the state after it is examined by the government and standardized according to the prevailing climatic conditions. The insemination facility will be available at centres created for it.

Haryana government wants to economically strengthen the farmers with its help. It plans to use the technology especially for Murrah breed, which is known around the world for its high milk yield. Normally, bulls are not preferred by farmers and are needed only at big dairy farms or by government agencies.

"With this technology, we will also be able to get males of high yield breeds to ensure reproduction," said a senior officer of the animal husbandry department.

Animal husbandry minister HS Chatha told TOI, "We have been working on these lines for some time

since we received a proposal from a US citizen."

The farmers of the state are also happy with the decision. "If this happens, we would be able to boost our dairy farming businesses," said Randeer Singh, a farmer from Bongra village in Jind district.

Farmers have been taking to dairy farming to increase their income as area under agricultural production has been declining.

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