July 11, 2008

Guns Reduce Crime

This is a rebuttal to the column by the director of the New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, Cathie Whittenburg, and the drawing that accompanied it (BDN, July 5-6). I am a veteran, constitutionalist, former congressional candidate, selectman and now private citizen.

Our visionary forefathers knew what they were doing to protect us by law, from tyrants and aggressive governments. Their extraordinary insight guided by the Bible also works today. That's why they wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights, for our protection and freedom. Whittenburg's doublespeak column clearly is a slam against common sense principles, veterans and groups like the National Rifle Association. She sidesteps responsibility, attempting to scam readers with an anti-gun grabbing hidden agenda with continued attempts through controls and restriction to void our Second Amendment. She hypocritically wants us to vote for more political hacks hellbent on destroying what our country stands for.

Fortunately the five Supreme Court justices followed the letter of the law. It's a proven historical fact: Populations increase, so does crime. By per capita, the less gun control, the less crime. Maine and states should follow Vermont's lead: no permit required for law-abiding residents.

William Zissulis


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