July 11, 2008

EIP: Court Rejection of Bush Air Pollution Rule Will Require Major Fix


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WASHINGTON,July 11/PRNewswire-USNewswire/--Environmental Integrity Project Director Eric Schaeffer issued the following statement this morning:

Today, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), which would have required significant reductions of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in eastern states. The CAIR rule would have established an emissions trading program, which the court found to be illegal because it failed to require each state to analyze its own contribution to poor air quality: The trading program is unlawful, because it does not connect state emission reductions to any measure of their own significant contributions.

"The courts decision will leave millions of Americans exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution from dirty power plants while the Agency goes back to the drawing board to redraft emission standards. For seven years, the Bush Administration has tried to weaken or eliminate Clean Air Act emission standards for power plants and other industries, while promising that its CAIR rule would make up the difference. That promise has proved to be hollow. The DC Circuits decision today is only the latest in a series of rulings that have roundly rejected the Bush Administrations creative interpretations of the Clean Air Act.

"As of today, EPA is still toiling away to weaken air quality standards for national parks, and to make it easier for the oldest and dirtiest power plants to increase emissions without pollution controls. Elimination of the CAIR rule makes it even more important for Congress to step in and stop these rollbacks. Since this Administration has proved incapable of reading or following the law, Congress and the next President will have to write the standards that we need to protect the public health from air pollution.

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For a copy of the ruling, 071108DCCAIRruling.pdfon the Web.

SOURCE Environmental Integrity Project, Washington, D.C.

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