July 13, 2008

Look Good, Feel Good

By Anonymous

Good to Go When planning your next trip for business or pleasure, consider the following items as selected by Post editors.

1. The Doze Alert device from ActiveForever warns drowsy drivers that they need to stop and rest. Worn over the ear, it makes a buzzing sound when the driver's head nods below a predetermined position. The device is available both online and at 1-800-377- 8033.

2. A booklet of Ralph Colao's Math Maze puzzles may be purchased online or ordered from your local bookstore.

3. For women's active apparel that looks and feels great, check out Lucy.com. Some items are made with surprisingly soft soy and bamboo fibers.

4. Teeny Towels Insect repellent wipes, available at retall and online stores, are gentle enough for kids and adults. The Eclipse blanket clips on car seats and strollers to block UV rays and help keep the child cooler while outdoors. Purchase online or call 888- 828-8224.

Planting Happiness

Illinois horticulturist Tony Fulmer offers his top picks for houseplants to make us happier-and healthier, too:

1) Plants release up to 97 percent of the water we provide them, thus increasing the humidity in dry homes. Schefflera is particularly effective in increasing humidity.

2) Bromeliads, many orchids, and easy-to-care-for succulents such as jade plants intensify their oxygen production/carbon dioxide absorption cycle at night. Consider these for your bedroom.

3) Plants with large leaf mass and "harder" leaf surfaces (Ficus, Spoihiphylium and Dracaena, for example) reduce indoor noise levels by absorbing and reflecting sounds. For maximum benefit, place groups of small plants in corners.

Brighten Your Smile

Natural teeth whiteners may be as close as the local produce market. Dr. Elisa Mello, a cosmetic and restorative dentist based In New York, suggests the following foods to help scrub away stains and brighten teeth.

Munch on crunch: Raw apples, carrots, pears, cauliflower, and cucumbers scrape debris off teeth and trigger high salivary flow to wash away stains.

Go green: Chemicals in broccoli and spinach create a protective barrier to keep teeth white.

Sweet treat: With your finger, spread mashed strawberries all over your teeth. Leave on a minute or two then rinse thoroughly and brush.

Website of the Month

At CaringBridge.com, users create online journal and photo entries to update friends and family about loved ones coping with a serious injury or illness. The nonprofit site also features interactive message boards. Funded by donations, the individualized websites are password protected.

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