July 14, 2008

Here’s What’s at Stake in Drilling Decisions

By Philip Johnson

I am writing in response to the June 25 Rocky Mountain News article, "Changes in drilling rules irk industry."The article should have given, at the very least, the facts about what's at stake. Right now, we're in the position to decide how environmentally protective oil and gas companies should be when drilling in the wild areas of Colorado or if they should even be leasing these wild areas such as the Roan Plateau.About 212 million barrels of oil (10 days' worth of domestic consumption) and four years' worth of natural gas powering 20 million homes are currently valued by politicians above the purity of our watersheds and the preservation of our $10 billion- a- year outdoor recreation industry.So every caring Coloradan must ask himself who he'd rather inconvenience - Colorado's greatest asset, the wilderness, or the most profitable corporations in history.

Originally published by Philip Johnson, Boulder.

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