July 15, 2008

Bisno Development Company LLC Launches “Smart Growth” Blogs

Calls for new livable, "walkable" communities and work force housing

Elise Swanson, (310) 241-0699

Bisno Development Company LLC announced today that it has launched five blogs to provide the public with easy access to information on how Bisno projects support the rapidly growing "Smart Growth" movement.

A sixth blog will provide information on the Company's proposed Ponte Vista project in San Pedro, CA, which will provide the area with much needed work force housing while devoting 40% of its area to open space.

The "Smart Growth" or "New Urbanism" movement has been gaining momentum nationally in recent years. This growth philosophy maintains that building new urban communities, scaled to the pedestrian, not the automobile, should be the template for the cities of the new millennium.

The terms "livable communities,""sustainable development," and "walkable communities" have all been applied to the concept. This philosophy envisions mixed-use, medium- to high-density projects in older urban areas that provide new, architecturally elegant housing for working families, locate homes in jobs-rich areas, create warmth and foster a sense of community and civic involvement.

Such development discourages urban sprawl, encourages mass transit development and ultimately reduces dependence on the automobile, vehicle miles traveled and auto emissions.

"Ironically, some environmental and slow-growth advocates still oppose these projects because they see any density as bad," said Bob Bisno, Chairman and CEO of the Company. "We hope these blogs explain why mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods, with appealing streetscapes, friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists, require density to be successful."

According to the Local Government Commission and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "people are beginning to realize that nodes of more intense development can help achieve local economic development goals, provide housing options, create walkable neighborhoods, and protect their air, water and open space. This balance helps create a sense of place - a place to walk, a place to talk to neighbors, a place to know the children are safe to walk to school." - Creating Great Neighborhoods: Density in Your Community, September 2003.

The six new blogs can be reached through the following links:







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