July 16, 2008

New Household Goods Review

This month's household goods review highlights the growing popularity of sugar cane fiber as a paper and plastic alternative. The fiber has been used in a range of products including toilet roll, showing its versatility. Meanwhile organics are gaining popularity, with the launch of a range of organic air fresheners. This shows that consumers want to detoxify their homes with more natural products.

Ultra Green has introduced its self-titled toilet roll in the US which differs from conventional products as it is made from sugar cane fiber. The product is said to be biodegradable, compostable and sustainable, features which the company states provide it with a 'green' advantage over paper-based toilet rolls. This is part of a line of sugar cane fiber products that includes napkins, tissues and disposable plates.

Meanwhile, a new pack of cleaning cloths has been released in Germany that is designed to deal with a range of household chores. The Optiwisch Tuecher micro-fiber set, from a&n&a Nord-Sued Industrie Vertriebs, consists of five micro-fiber cloths that each have a different use: polishing, windows and glass, dusting, floors, and sinks. The set is said to allow consumers to clean the whole house without the use of chemicals, which could be a key selling point in an age when ethical consumerism is growing.

Also focusing on attracting ethical consumers is the Spray Ambiente Balsamico con Oli Essenziali Puri al 100% (Balsamic Air Freshener with 100% Pure Essential Oils), recently launched in Italy by Flora, Srl. This air freshener has been certified organic and is said to neutralize odors, leaving a fresh balsamic scent in the air.

Over in Spain, Meridional de Limpiezas has launched a new type of laundry detergent that is designed especially for jeans and other casual clothes. Formula Ultra 777 Detergente En Polvo is formulated to deal with the numerous stains that these types of clothes can accumulate. Most laundry detergent sub-brands concentrate on dealing with delicates, so it is unusual to see one designed for the casual end of the market.

Meanwhile, Duraflame has introduced the Duraflame Stax Firelogs in the US, which are touted as being the first stackable fire logs that light more easily and burn better than wood. The fire logs are made from plant and vegetable-based materials, formed into an easy-burn wax log. They are said to use fewer resources than wood-based burners and contain no petrochemicals. The product is therefore marketed from both a practical and ethical standpoint.

Finally, Lily-Flame has launched numerous new fragrances to its line of scented candles in the UK. Lily-Flame Scented Candles now come in 18 new fragrances, such as Love Lily, Taste of Provence and Blush, each presented in a tin. With such a large selection, the consumer could be persuaded to buy a range of different scents for different rooms of the house.