July 18, 2008

Advanced Life Sciences and UK Ministry of Defence Announce Collaboration

Advanced Life Sciences Holdings has announced that the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory will evaluate the developmental compound ALS-886 as a treatment for chemically induced lung injury.

ALS-886 is a small molecule therapeutic that, in preclinical studies, has demonstrated efficacy in reducing and preventing tissue damage in the lungs.

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) will conduct animal efficacy studies to measure the ability of ALS-886 to improve the clinical outcome following lung injury that results from the inhalation of chemicals that damage the lung surface.

Michael Flavin, chairman and CEO of Advanced Life Sciences, said: "Dstl is internationally recognized for its ability to evaluate new therapeutic countermeasures that combat chemical and biological warfare agents, and we are very excited to partner with them to develop ALS-886 for potential procurement as a medical countermeasure."