July 18, 2008

Trolling for Sense

It seems our busy senators can find all kinds of ways to divert taxpayer dollars to some esoteric project that should be stamped as an example of federal waste and abuse. The BDN reported that they have arm-wrestled a $456,680 grant from NOAA so that the Maine Department of Marine Resources can develop and implement a conservation plan for preserving a number of fish species. One wonders what the taxpayer-paid employees in that department do in their regular jobs.

If my guess is right the "make work" grant will be disbursed to a consulting firm whose product will languish on some shelf while the targeted fish species continue to swim around and procreate oblivious to those plans.

While our senators seem to have their priorities skewed, they are in a sense fish-oriented folks, especially when it comes to trolling for money.

If only they could put their angling skills toward solving the energy situation.

Ron Goldstone


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