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Weeds, Trash Create an Eyesore on Street

July 20, 2008


The weeds and trash along the north side of West 24th Street really bother neighborhood resident Xochitl Foley.

“It’s such an eyesore,” she said of the area across the street from her house. “Nobody ever cleans it, and it makes our street look really bad.”

Foley thinks her pleas for help to city of Tucson street workers have fallen on deaf ears.

But in late June, Foley’s complaint was referred to the city Department of Neighborhood Resources, said code-enforcement administrator Teresa Williams.

The weeds abut the back wall of a housing subdivision. Although the area is in the city’s right of way, Williams said, “the owners that abut are responsible, according to the city code.”

On June 26, her department sent out 17 postcards to homeowners in the subdivision, reminding them of their responsibility to keep the area clean of weeds and trash, she said.

The department has taken no further action because it takes a second complaint for an inspector to verify compliance, she said. If an inspector confirms a continued problem, homeowners can be given a notice of violation and 30 days to comply. If they don’t, they can be cited.

Mac Hudson, an aide to Ward 1 Councilwoman Regina Romero, said her office is working “to help out over in that neighborhood.”

Taxpayer Watch will check back in 60 days to see if the weeds and trash are gone.

– Lourdes Medrano


On March 25, Pima County said it was forcing the owner of a fire- gutted house on the Northwest Side near West Camino del Cerro to clean up the property, which has become an eyesore and a drain on neighbors’ property values.

The department issued a notice of violation on Nov. 26, 2007, for unlawful disposal of solid waste, giving the property owner 30 days to clean up, and later gave a 90-day extension because of legal battles.

The property owner brought big trash bins onto the property and cleaned up the visible debris, which county officials said puts the home in compliance. Although the shell of the burned-out house is still there, county officials said it is not a safety hazard because the property is fenced, and they now consider the matter closed.

Who’s responsible

If you’re affected by a neighbor or business with excessive trash, weeds or abandoned vehicles, call the city Department of Neighborhood Resources code-enforcement office, 791-5843.

Do you have a problem but you’re getting nowhere getting government to respond and fix it? E-mail taxpayer@azstarnet. com with the problem, your name and a phone number where you can be reached. Or call 573-4142.

Originally published by JOSH BRODESKY, ARIZONA DAILY STAR.

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