July 20, 2008

Trash-Pickup Mysteries in City

The July 9 article titled "Residents may pay by the pound for trash pickup" raises a few questions for this city resident.

1) Why is an apartment building with more than seven units exempt from recycling? I would think that there would be a lot more recyclable items in such a building.

2) What recourse will a city resident have when someone else drives by and deposits excess trash in the resident's trash bin? Don't scoff at the idea; people drop off cats, doggie-doo bags and rugs.

3) I have seen garbage trucks with no one else on board but the driver. Is the driver going to get out at every house and ascertain if the proper bag is in the bin?

What is being done to educate the city residents on how and what to recycle? Perhaps more of an effort could be made in the schools and on TV to encourage good recycling habits.



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