July 21, 2008

Colorado Wildfire Burns 105 Acres

Firefighters continued aerial assaults Monday against a Colorado wildfire that burned 140 acres north of the town of Deckers about 40 miles outside Denver.

A number of homes and four picnic areas were evacuated Sunday after the blaze erupted, The Denver Post reported.

Within two hours after the fire broke out, flames were seen shooting across the treetops, increasing the likelihood the fire would spread.

A helicopter and four air tankers dropped water and fire retardant slurry on the fire, said Nancy Brewer of the U.S Forest Service.

Forest Service crews along with firefighters from the Platte Canyon and North Fork fire departments fought the blaze.

Brewer said more federal hand crews whose members build fire lines had been ordered to the scene.

Sunday's fire erupted near the location of the worst wildfire in Colorado history. The 2002 Hayman blaze burned 138,000 acres and destroyed 133 homes.