July 24, 2008

Legacy Holding, Inc. Delivers Second Wetstation to Tyco International, Ltd.

FREMONT, Calif., July 24, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Legacy Holding, Inc. (Pink Sheets:LGYH) is pleased to announced the installation of a second DryZone(tm) wetstation for Tyco International, Ltd.

The relationship was consummated in early 2003 when Tyco first began evaluating the unique capabilities of Legacy's patented DryZone(tm) process and continues to flourish. In 2006, Tyco completed qualification of Legacy's DryZone(tm) Hydrophilic: Hydrophobic Wafer Drying System and placed an initial order. In February of 2008, Legacy commenced manufacturing to fulfill an order for a second, expanded system.

Commenting on today's announcement, CEO Robert Matthews stated, "I am very pleased to announce that we have recently delivered a second DryZone(tm) wetstation for Tyco International, Ltd. As Legacy pushes forwards with our stated goal of becoming the leading U.S. wet process supplier by 2011, strengthened partnership with industry leaders such as Tyco is critical. Legacy looks forward to many years of service and mutual benefits in its continued partnership with Tyco Electronics."

More on the company's equipment manufacturing capabilities:

The DryZone(tm) is a patented revolutionary new solvent gradient dryer that exceeds the most vigorous Total Organic Carbon (TOC) or Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) environmental concerns. Substrates are rinsed in de-ionized water to remove any water miscible inorganic impurities. After rinsing, the substrates enter the solvent chamber to develop an immiscible boundary layer, which removes organic impurities. The substrates are then processed through an ozone chamber, with or without ultraviolet light exposure, to convert all traces of organic materials to carbon dioxide gas.

The substrate surfaces are free from trace organics, moisture, and particles. The substrate surfaces are stable hydrophilic surfaces. In the case of silicon wafers, the surface is Si-O terminated. If hydrophobic surfaces are required, a 10 second post ozone conversion step renders silicon wafers Si-H terminated. The dryer has no detectable VOC's in the exhaust, and supports green chemistry initiatives, unlike isopropyl alcohol consuming dryers. Because the dryer uses reactive chemistries, it is more than just particle neutral, it is particle reducing!

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