July 24, 2008

Anviron Forms Joint-Venture Testing Lab With Laboratorio Internazionale Agricoltura, S/P/A

The Anviron Holding Company (Pink Sheets: ANVH) ("Anviron"), a manufacturer and marketer of "Clean & Green" products and technology, announced today that it has finalized a Joint Venture Agreement with Laboratorio Internazionale Agricoltura, S/p/A ("LIA") of Italy.

"Most environmental remediation and agriculture vendors struggle daily to simulate the complex environment of an environmental remediation or agricultural operation within the confines of their corporate structures. Meanwhile, the Information Technology Business (ITB) of LIA has begun to benefit from the state-of-the-art environmental modeling of its new partner TerraSolve, Inc. (a subsidiary of Anviron Holding Company). This Joint-venture gives LIA, the leading agricultural IT vendor, access to real-world users and real-world data in a real-world setting," stated Antonio Mussino, General Manager of IT Services - LIA.

The joint venture is a state-of-the-art development and testing lab within TerraSolve's data center, which collects data from clients around the world to run projects ranging from usability, capacity, spread and weather modeling and performance testing. The heart of the laboratory is a 160-gigabyte database of environmental and agricultural project records running on six HP servers and two Novell servers storing the data and running the software being tested. Beyond that, the test environment also incorporates the countless customizations and configurations reflected in a real world environmental and agricultural workflow system. 2 projects have been completed since the lab's revitalization and re-opening in January 2008, with 3 more currently under way and 10 slated and others on the horizon. The Joint Venture is valued by Anviron in excess of $3.3 million Euro in the first full year of operations.

"We've seen incredible value from the lab, which has paid for itself through year 2008 testing efforts alone. It represents a new, higher standard for doing business in IT throughout the environmental and agricultural industries. We're taking more risk out of the system, putting more structure into it, suffering less downtime and delivering higher-quality services," said Steve Young-COO of Anviron.

"What we're doing in this virtual live environment simply can't be duplicated outside of our laboratory. There's no shortage of ways this unique laboratory can be used to benefit our entire customer base. We're fortunate to have a development partner like TerraSolve that has opened its doors to us and provided an unparalleled environment for new-product development," stated Antonio Mussino, General Manager of IT Services - LIA.

Anviron is a company dedicated to bringing to market "Clean Solutions to Complex Problems" by offering a wide range of biodegradable, environmentally friendly products and technologies that will substitute for many of the hazardous chemicals commonly used all over the world. For information about Anviron and its product offerings visit us on the web at www.anviron.com.

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